LCCB Beginner Band 2021

The Lane Cove Concert Band will be starting its third Adult Beginner Band in 2021. Over the years we have had two adult beginner bands (2008, 2011) and two adult beginner music programmes (2014, 2016) all of which have been very successful. Many of our current members are from those original groups and they’re still enjoying playing, learning new skills and making new friendships along the way.

New members that join the beginner programme do not need to have any musical experience at all to join in, we will get you started on your musical journey. We have a range of instruments available for hire and will direct you to music tutors. We also welcome people that may have learnt an instrument as a child but haven’t played for a long time, or those who are proficient on other instruments but would like to try something new. 

The Lane Cove Concert Band currently has about 180 members across six ensembles, including three concert bands (experienced, intermediate, novice), a woodwind ensemble, jazz ensemble and big band. Our current Music Directors have worked in the world of professional music performance and conducting and are of the highest standard, these include Gavin Staines, Megan Lipworth, Dan Williams, Bob Pritchard, David Braybrook and Jeff Camilleri.

If you would like to register your interest in our new Adult Beginner Band for 2021 please click here. We look forward to welcoming you into our friendly community.