Woodwind Connection 24 – Q & A

  1. Who’s hosting this event?
    The Tambourine Bay Winds Ensemble (TBW) is pleased to host Woodwind Connection 24.
    TBW is one of six ensembles under the umbrella of Lane Cove Community Bands (LCCB).
  2. Why is the event called Woodwind Connection 24?
    The name reflects the purpose of the event. It’s about building musicianship and networks
    of woodwind players through a fun, interactive chamber group experience. It’s also about
    establishing more connections between TBW with other community ensembles.
  3. What is the basic format? Why is it special?
    The program involves playing in small, mixed-instruments (chamber) groups guided by
    renowned tutors and a highly experienced musical director. The last session provides the
    option for each group to play for the others with 2 way discussion to follow -if they wish.
    Playing in a small chamber group is an excellent way to boost musicianship, particularly on:
    · Rhythm and pulse
    · Blend and balance
    · Musical expression
    This is partly because a small chamber group has no conductor, and each player is
    responsible for a distinct part of the composition. This means that you fast-track skill
    building through more reliance on your own ears, eyes and feelings. Such skills are easier
    said than done, but your tutor will support you to benefit from the chamber experience. So
    the focus will be on better rhythm, blend and expression – not on playing all the right notes.
  4. What standard of player will suit this event?
    There’s no rule. The MD will assign parts and groups according to each player’s
    experience. The Program will accommodate beginner to advanced players. Suggested
    minimum experience is: you have been playing your instrument regularly for at least 18
    months and are able to play a range of notes and rhythms beyond complete beginner
    (approx. Grade 2 AMEB).
  5. Is catering provided?
    YES and NO. Yes for scrumptious morning and afternoon teas. But your lunch is BYO. You
    can also buy lunch at the West Lindfield shops – a 5 minute walk around the corner.
  6. What do I need to know about booking?
     Click this link https://www.trybooking.com/CSWOZ to register and book (30 places only)
     Booking closes Friday 19 July (2 weeks before the event) for planning purposes.
     We will email all participants an information pack after payment of $80.00 on booking.
     For enquiries, contact Gill Behr tbw-workshops@lccb.org.au