60th Concert Logistics

The 60th Concert is getting very close. Who is excited?

Call times for each band:
Arrive at STAGE door in Anderson Street, sign in and drop your instrument:
12:45pm BBBB. Instruments to be stored in Green Room Level 2
11:45am TBW. Instruments to be stored in Green Room Level 2
12:00pm KCB Instruments to be stored in Green Room Level 2
12:20pm TCB Instruments to be stored in Chorus Room Level 2
1:15pm CWS Instruments to be stored in Orchestra Room (warm up room) Level 1

In the next week or so you will be provided with a detailed concert run sheet indicating your band’s warm up times, performance call times and movements between stage and dress circle.

Recording the concert
The 60th Anniversary Concert will be recorded and photographed and these will be made available to band members and guests so no personal photography, video or sound recording will be allowed during the concert.

Uniform – see FAQ for details
We are having official band photos after the on-stage warm up, while you are playing and a LCCB group photo at the end. Please ensure you arrive in FULL BAND UNIFORM ie. good concert blacks with black from waist down and your band’s scarf/tie. Ladies who wish to wear a skirt or dress need to wear black stockings/tights. Black socks only please (no polka dots). If your concert blacks need an update check out the local second hand stores – they often have a good collection of black clothes and shoes at very reasonable prices.

What to take on stage?
You will only be able to take your instrument and folder of music on stage. You won’t need jackets, bags, water bottles or instrument stands. Leave valuables at home or with audience members. All other belongings can be left with your instrument cases backstage.

Large instruments and equipment – unloading via The Concourse carpark. There is a height restriction of 2.2m. There are lifts that access the Civic Pavilion directly from the carpark. Park near the lifts labelled 4 and 5 and load goods directly into the lift. Select CP (Civic Pavilion) on the lift and this loads directly into the Pavilion foyer space.

ACCESSIBILITY for audience members
The Concourse caters for
• Wheelchair Seating – please advise if you need this and book the seats
• Hearing loop
• A loop system working with the patron’s hearing aid. Hearing aids must be in “T” mode.
• Audio Reinforcement
• For patrons who do not have a hearing aid. A belt pack and earpiece, directing sound in ear. Several sets will be available at the venue and they can be obtained form the ushers.

Afternoon Tea
Afternoon tea is included and will be held in the foyer after the concert. Please join us and encourage your guests to stay as well.